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Banff Writer's Conference
Registration Form


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_____Check here to register for October 23, 24, 25, 2003
_____Check here to register for February 26, 27, 28, 2004
The summer August 26, 27, 28, 2004 conference takes place in the cosmopolitan, coastal town of Vancouver, Bristish Columbia, home of the next winter olympics.

Fees do NOT include overnight accommodations. We have provided a link to enable you to browse the various accommodations available.
We have also included some example hotel rates for the Rimrock Resort Hotel and Norquay's Timberline Inn after the registration form below.

Click here to go to a web site with a listing of overnight accommodations in the region.

  Registration Form


Please print clearly.

Print your name as you want it to appear on your name tag.











State: ____ Province_________________Zip: __________Country_______________________


Day Phone:______-______-________


Evening Phone:______-______-________







Writing Genre




Word Count:_____________________________________________


Year of Birth:___________________________________________


____$100. U.S. Dollars/$145. CANADIAN DOLLARS to register for our Cyber-Phone-One-on-One Consultation with an attending literary agent or editor of the Banff Writer's Conference.  All query letters, synopsis or proposal, and first 20 pages of the manuscript must be received by email attachment 15 days prior to the conference.  The writer will be notified when his or her one-on-one consultation phone time will be set and the literary agent or editor will have their submission up on one of our on-site computers during the phone call.  The separate one on one consultation fee listed below still applies. We are test marketing this concept for writers who would love to have the opportunity to speak with a literary agent or editor about their work, but are unable to break away from their lives to attend a writer's conference.


____$519. U.S. Dollars/$749. CANADIAN DOLLARS  Registration Fee if payment received on or before  9/23/03 for fall conference or 1/26/04 for winter/snow conference. Does not include Editor/Agent Appointments (Consultations/Workshops) nor Friday evening dinner. Early registrants will receive one free complimentary complete dinner.


____ $595. U.S. Dollars/$859. CANDIAN DOLLARS Registration Fee. Does not include Editor/Agent Appointments (Consultations/Workshops) nor Friday evening dinner. 


____ $50. U.S. Dollars/$71. CANADIAN DOLLARS each Consultation/Workshop.


_____ # of Editor/Agents Appointments


_____$75. U.S. Dollars/$110. CANADIAN DOLLARS Friday evening dinner (each).  Dinner includes speakers plus a special surprise guest.


_____# of people attending dinner (writer plus up to 1 guest of writer).




Payment Method (check one):


 ____Cashier's Check


 ____Money Order


____Check (not accepted after 10/12/03 or 2/15/04)


____Credit Card. We accept credit card payments through  Please

use our email address of:


To register with (very similar to Paypal, but more International friendly) and send payment, please go to their web site at:


Total Amount Due: $____________


Send payment and registration form via above payment methods either by email or to:



Send payment and registration form to:

Banff Writers Conference

Elisabeth von Hullessem, Sponsor

215 Banff Avenue

P.O. Box 2215

Banff, Alberta T1L 1B9


Please make certain to include the Postal Box addressthe town of Banff does NOT have postal street delivery, only to the P.O. Box address.


Any questions, please contact Elisabeth von Hullessem at:





EXAMPLE OF SOME HOTEL ROOM RATES (double occupancy/per night rate)(Attendees MUST make their own reservations) There are many hotels/motels/overnight accommodations in the Banff area. We have NOT arranged for any special rates with any hotels.


Rimrock Resort Hotel, Mountain Avenue, Banff, Alberta, Canada


$210. Canadian DollarsPremium Roombest view.


$162. U.S. DollarsPremium Roombest view.


$190. Canadian DollarsDeluxe Roomview of Mt. Rundle.


$148. U.S. DollarsDeluxe Roomview of Mt. Rundle.


$165. Canadian DollarsSuperior Roomview of mountain directly behind.


$129. U.S. DollarsSuperior Roomview of mountain directly behind hotel.


 Norquays Timberline Inn, Norquay Rd., Banff, Alberta, Canada


$ 88. Canadian Dollarsview of Bow Valley, mountains, and Banff.


$ 69. U.S. Dollarsview of Bow Valley, mountains, and Banff


$ 78. Canadian Dollarsview of Norquay Mountain


$ 61. U.S. Dollarsview of Norquay Mountain.


Rates for pickup and return to the Calgary International Airport/per person:


$ 80. Canadian Dollars for pickup and return to Calgary International Airport.


$ 65. U.S. Dollars for pickup and return to Calgary International Airport.


Please keep in mind, Currency Exchange Rates fluctuate on a daily basis.  Obtain proper U.S. Dollar rates from the hotels at the time you make your reservations.







To pay by credit card through, please click here.

Click here to send us email.


Lake Louise


The conference facility location in Banff will be determined once we have an accurate attendee count from the registration forms. There are many conference facilities in the town of Banff and all within walking distance of the hotels and overnight accommodations in town.  Transportation will be provided to the writer's conference.